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Q. What are the RTTTL, Nokia 3210 or even binary formats?

These are three popular Nokia formats for coding or sending ringtones to a Nokia phone. Depending on which phone you have, you can use one or two of these formats:

It is the format for coding the notes of a ringtone so that it can be recognized by GSM Nokia phones when transfered through a data cable using a special [a href=&http://cellphones.about.com/cs/software/index.htm]program[/link]. RTTTL stands for "Ringing Tones text transfer language" and is the most common ringtone format seen on Internet.

Nokia 3210 (or Nokia Composer):
It is the common name used for ringtones coded according to the special format used by the "Nokia Composer" program. This small program is installed in some Nokia phones.

  • Owners of a phone equipped with that composer can key in a new ringtone directly into their phone by pressing sequences of keys.

    Binary Format:
    The "binary format" can be easily recognized to its suites of non-sense characters, such as "A8AC126" beginning by "//SCKL". This is in fact a way of coding a ringtone according to the Smart Messaging format, developped by Nokia and Intel. That format is used mainly by specialized web sites that send ringtones to your phone as if it was a text message. But since it is a "Smart Message", it is recognized by your phone as a ringtone, operator logo or something else. Some Nokia phones users can even send themselves a ringtone through a general SMS gateway, but for a reason not yet known, it only works with a small selection of Nokia phones.

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