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TheMasterNL Ringtones contains information you need for composing the most popular ringtones for your phone. We have the newest and the most popular ringtones available for you -free. If you have troubles inputting the ringtones, check out our tutorial and FAQ section!

Why do some sites ask me to pay in order for them to send a new ringtone to my phone?

Not all sites ask you to pay for ringtones. It depends on their business model. Some sites are ad-supported but those who ask you to pay do it partly for profit, but also to cover the fees associated with sending a "Smart Message" to your phone or to cover copyright payments made to the copyright holder. [read more]

After converting a ringtone, the notes are right but it is too slow or rapid, why?

That problem is most often seen on Motorola and Ericsson cell phones. Uniring makes the best it can to convert ringtones to other formats, some of which are VERY limited compared to the Nokring/RTTTL or Nokia formats. One of my articles, ranking the various ringtone formats according to their qualities, should help you understand how they compare. [read more]

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