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Reformatting is not the only solution for Windows errors

Probably, a person who owns a personal computer that is connected in the internet have encountered a lot of bugs and viruses already, well, at least I have. I have been using Microsoft applications for as long as I can remember. The very first computers I tested, then running MS-DOS, were really very complex.

I have worked in a company that uses Microsoft NT and I have received from customers complaining about bugs in their systems and such stories. With our company pc's maintained by our IT department, I have never really realized were the problems that our customers were experiencing. Not until recently, when I started using my computer to connect to the internet did I find what bugs meant. My computer has been infected by viruses so many times I already failed to keep track.

In most cases, I was able to quarantine, but there were a few times that the virus was left undetected by my antivirus scanner. I start realizing that there's a malicious program on my pc when I start getting windows registry errors when I try to run an application or when I encounter driver errors in which some of my hardware doesn't work. There are few times when my computer shuts down by itself or the processing is really slow. When this happens, I go to my favorite computer technician and have him reformat the drive.

Of course, before the advent of CDs and flash drives, I lost all data I had on the computer. Those that I wanted to keep, I had to make a printout so I can retype again when the computer is working properly. Sure I know about software that repairs windows errors but I found most of them pop ups and I've always been wary of this type of advertising.

It was only until recently that I learned how to fix windows errors not only through the installation of certain windows fixes, but that there are codes which one can use to fix registry and driver errors. This is surely a great help especially for people like me who are so dependent on their computers. Now, I no longer have to wait for days before my computer is reformatted and reinstalled with the necessary software. I can just type in a few codes and I can get several errors fixed. Anyway, in case you were one among those few who does not have a clue what MS-DOS and Microsoft NT is, they are systems tat the Microsoft, a multinational company established by someone named Bill Gates who was also considered as the richest man in the world in 2000.

By the way, unknown to most people, Microsoft has been in business since 1975. It was in the early 1980s when the company received its first real success with the DOS (Disk Operating System) used by IBM computers. In 1987, the company released their first version of retail operating systems to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Microsoft continued the development of software and has eventually had the highest market share exceeding its competitors by a large margin. At present, Microsoft is no longer just a software development company but also the manufacturer of products like Xbox 360, a popular gaming device in the same league as PlayStation and Nintendo.

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Reformatting is not the only solution for Windows errors - Probably, a person who owns a personal computer that is connected in the internet have encountered a lot of bugs and viruses already, well, at least I have.

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