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A Myth or A Reality Cheap Satellite TV

A few years ago satellite TV was considered a luxury. With a price tag from $2,000 to $10,000 for a satellite TV dish and the electronic boxes you need with it, having a cheap satellite TV system was not a reality for many people. You also had to take into consideration the cost of the installation which would set you back another few hundred dollars. The great news is cheap satellite TV has now become a reality because of the competition.

There are many more satellite TV companies now vying for the consumer's business. Many of the companies are even offering free installation. What are some of the things you can expect to get from a satellite TV company? 1. A satellite TV dish and a mounting stand, FREE. 2.

FREE receivers (up to 4 in some areas) with universal remote controls. 3. FREE installation. 4. FREE DVR (digital video recorder) receivers for recording your favorite shows. 5.

An optional receiver for high-definition reception, HDTV. You'll also find that some cheap satellite TV providers will also offer bonuses like home theater systems and DVD players. Learning More about Cheap Satellite TV For a DISH or DirecTV satellite system in the United States and Canada you can expect to pay from $32 a month for 60 channels and from $94 a month for around 215 channels. Below are some of the features you can expect with your programming packages. 1. More than 255 programming channels with digital picture and sound.

2. Digital video recorder. This device will allow you to skip commercials and record your favorite programs. 3. Up to 500 commercial free movies every month. 4.

Optional high-definition programming. 5. Local channels offering digital quality picture and sound.

6. Up to 60 pay-per-view programs each day. 7. Music channels with digital sound and no commercials. 8.

24/7 customer service, toll-free and online. You'll often find the satellite TV companies offering introductory program packages at much lower prices for new customers. And the Bottom Line It Is. Everyone now has the ability to get cheap satellite TV services.

What you need ask yourself is whether you want the cheapest price per channel or the cheapest package. Dish network seems to provide the cheapest satellite TV package in the United States. They're America's Top 60 package includes 60 programming channels with local channels included for $31.

99 a month. This is considered their low-end package. DirecTV has a Total Choice programming package for $41.99 per month.

With this option you get the lowest price per channel. The package includes 135 programming channels and 31 music channels. With all the options that are now available you will certainly be able to find a cheap satellite TV service that will provide you with what you're looking for. If you consider TV an important part of your entertainment and you're looking for high quality with a wide range of shows, movies and sports to choose from you should consider subscribing to a satellite TV service.

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