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Care For Your Tow Rope and Avoid Unnecessary Accidents

Just imagine a situation like this: you are on a holiday spree with your family moving on a utility vehicle when all the fun come to an abrupt stop because the vehicle have broken down in the middle of secluded national highway! Or just think about it: You are on a boating holiday and as the tide died down your boat got stuck far away from the dock. What one does to tackle the situation? Well, the first thing one does is he tries to remove the vehicle from this inconvenient location and move it to a safer spot. And the thing without which it is impossible to get out of this mess, is the tow rope. The tow rope helps you to drag any kind of heavy object, not only vehicles. But it is too frustrating if the tow rope also breaks in the middle leaving you completely helpless with no alternative in sight. Not only frustrating, the breaking of tow rope in the middle of dragging process may prove to be extremely fatal and according to government estimates, thousands of such accidents occur due to the backlash of tow rope breakage.

If you do not want to face the similar fate, you have to invest in good quality tow ropes. Do not go for just any kind of polypropylene tow ropes that you get easily in the local hardware stores. Check for the ropes construction and its load bearing capacity. It should be enough shock loading capacity. If you are going to use it as a ski line, then look for the pre fixed handles in it. But buying the good quality rope is not all that you can do to avoid the accidents associated with tow rope backlash.

You need to take proper care of them so that they do not break down suddenly in the middle of the process. Here are some tips for taking proper care of your tow ropes. The heat harms your towing lines considerably. So keep them away from direct contact of sunlight when they are not in use. Also do not place them in an area where the ropes can possibly get heat from other sources.

If your ropes have been used in the salt water, rinse them thoroughly after pulling them up from the water. Also use soap water occasionally to wash away all the dirt from their bodies. It is a good idea to put chafing tape to the areas on the rope that are exposed to continuous abrasion. And finally store the rope in a place coiled up neatly so that it is not tangled up or develop knots. Give this much care to your rope and it will provide you reliable assistance through many of your towing experiences.

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