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Laptop Battery Basics and Usage Tips

Laptop battery is very much essential for the usage of laptop, because without battery it is not possible to use it on the move, as it requires a power outlet. So as a main accessory for the usage of the laptop, the battery must be in a good condition and work properly. Some of the general tips for laptop care are to avoid extreme temperatures, and not to leave the laptop outside in cold weather or in high heat, as cold batteries cannot generate much power and hot batteries will discharge very soon. Charge the battery whenever it is necessary and when the electrical power is available. The battery charge is indicated in the taskbar of the laptop, which shows the current battery capacity and remaining time. When a laptop is used as a replacement of desktop the battery should not be left in for long time.

Battery must be re installed every three to four weeks and allowed to fully discharge. Smaller the battery better are its functionalities. For instance take into consideration an ultra portable or thin and light battery rather than a bigger one.

Power control settings must be adjusted accordingly as the laptop will go inactive after a specified time which is beneficial for the battery. Adjust the screen brightness to lower setting according to the working conditions or the place of work which will save the power. Battery consumption must be noticed often, so that the battery power will be in control.

In this case the battery charge indicator must be on the task bar . Charge the battery whenever necessary and when the power source is available. Especially you are on travel; charge the battery fully as electrical outlets may not be available at the destination.

Clean the batteries and their connections often. It must be done by using a cotton swab and alcohol. Don't keep the laptop idle for long period of time without using the battery. Using the laptop to play games or to watch movies or multimedia activities will drain the battery soon.

Laptop speaker volume must be kept in mute or decreased to low level. Don't run any program directly from a CD or DVD, instead it can be copied to the hard drive and can be used, which will consume less power. Before the first use, a new battery must be charged fully. Then the battery has to be charged twice or thrice for achieving maximum capacity.

If the battery is not used for more than a month, it is better to be removed from the laptop and stored in a cool or dry or clean place. Again the stored battery has to be recharged before use till it reaches its maximum capacity. Laptop batteries last for longer period if they are stored in a cool place and maintained properly.

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