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nintendo wii for sale how to get most enjoyment from your wii

There is little doubt that the Wii is the most innovative and exciting gaming consoles to arrive on the scene in years. The Wii's revolutionary style of gameplay has won it fans of all ages from the world over, even though it fails to match its rivals in terms of power and graphics. What sets the Nintendo Wii apart from its main rivals is the innovative motion sensitive controller that can be used in a number of ways, depending on the game being played.

So, depending on what game you are playing you could find yourself leaping around your living room swinging your controller wildly in the air, without giving it a second thought. Nintendo Wii sessions can get pretty hectic so be sure to give yourself plenty of space or you could end up breaking something in the room up. Gaming has always ben a social experience, but never has it been more so than with the Wii. Whole families can get immersed in the game play for hours. So, the more controllers the better - at least two.

As mentioned, the real attraction with the Wii is the motion sensitive controller which can turn Wii gaming into healthy exercise. Many games require or work better with the Nunchuk controller, so we recommend you add a couple of these to your shopping basket as well. Wii controllers have a nasty habit of running out of battery power at inopportune moments so make sure you keep them charged and/or have plenty of charged up batteries on hand for back-up.

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