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Satellite Phone Benefits and Information

Satellite Phones are an essential communication device for many businesses and professionals. While most built up areas are conveniently covered by mobile network antenaes providing maximum coverage there are remote parts of the World where a normal mobile phone is completely unusable. These remote areas may be secluded forests where forestry workers have to operate or maybe professionals in the mining, excavation and structural engineering fields who have to work in locations miles from the nearest telephone. It is essential that these people have some form of communication to enable them to complete the necessary work. There are other people who need to use satellite phones because they work in extremely dangerous environments.

The military, security services, media and explorers all rely on the satellite phone as their only source of communication with the outside World. The reasons why they use satellite telephones on a daily basis are quite diverse though they all have one thing in common. They all appreciate the benefits that a satellite phone can provide in their particular line of business. They are not a luxury, they are a complete necessity. While modern mobile telephones work by using radio waves then the satellite phone does exactly the same only it works a little harder over greater distances.

We have all appreciated the benefits of the mobile phone in our everyday lives and it seems that getting a signal to communicate is never a problematic issue due to the network of aerials conveniently located around the country. It is only when we travel to remote locations that the problems of communication is very apparent. Satellite phones use the exact same technology and simply locate low orbit satellites that encircle the globe in space.

When we connect to the satellite it redirects the signal to a communication station down on earth and from there the signal is redirected again into the common telecommunications network where the call will be answered. Modern technology ensures that the signal is clear and that you can connect in a matter of seconds. This is quite remarkable when you consider the distance that the signal has to make.

There are various options when choosing a satellite phone so you will need to ensure that you have the correct one for your location and needs. You will first need to consider the area you need to operate in to find a Company that has a suitable network. Some Companies only operate in certain areas while the bigger ones such as Globalstar offer coverage in 120 Countries. The only Company that offers complete World coverage is Iridium and they have the largest number of low orbit satellites at 66 with other spares that can be called upon if needed. The type of phone you need would also depend on your personal needs.

The most common form of satellite phone is the handheld device where you are completely mobile. As long as you have direct path to the satellite then connection should not be a problem. There are certain weather conditions that can effect this along with nearby electrical structures or tall buildings. If you need to use your satellite phone indoors then you will need a fixed site phone. Handheld phones will not work inside.

An outside aerial is fitted to the building so that the connection can take place. If you intend to be mobile by a use of vehicle then you will have the option of the handheld phone or to use the vehicle static model that is attached to the interior of the vehicle. The connection is via an outside aerial attached to the vehicle.

If you are going out to sea then the marine satellite phone is the ideal option. When you consider the harsh weather conditions that some of the yachtsmen and women have to face when they sail into savage storms you can understand the benefits of satellite communication. The importance of satellite phone communication cannot be underestimated. In many cases they are a life saving device though even in the most remote places sometimes time is against the emergency services to arrive and many lives have been lost. Satellite phones are the essential lifeline to the rest of the World and thanks to modern state-of-the-art technology they form as essential contact that enables us to communicate even in the most secluded areas of the planet in a matter of seconds. Satellite phones have become the ultimate life saving device.

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